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Wheelwrights - 125 years

Will your family photos you take now be available in 125 years?

Below are some scans of prints of my great-great-grandfather and wheelwright Henry Boddington in 1891 (top) and great grandfather, Reginald Boddington in 1964, being interviewed for a BCC TV programme, "In the Country". I earlier posted about some aircraft fuselages used to hold up their workshop roof. The top one is arguably just a 'snap' by modern standards; the bottom one maybe more of a keepsake. In either case, the longevity of the prints made it possibly to see them today. Can the same be said for digital media on home computer or 'in the cloud' in some 'secure service'? Get real people! Print your photos and keep them safe for the next generation! 

Henry Boddington, Wheelwright. Boddington Yard, Weston-on-the-Green, 1891.
Boddington BBC In the Country

WW1 Fighter Planes and Wheelwrights

My great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather (Reginald and Henry Boddington) were wheelwrights in Weston-on-the-Green, Oxfordshire. In 1919, the RAF was winding down and Henry came across some Bristol Fighter 'Brisfit' F2b (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_F.2_Fighter) fuselages. Six ended up being used as roof trusses for a workshop.

In June 1965, the workshop was taken down and the fuselages were dispersed to the RAF Museum and private collectors. One of them appears to have made it all the way to New Zealand and is in the hands of the film director Peter Jackson. A couple appear to have made it to the USA; recently I was contacted by the friend of the restorer looking for some more information, so my parents dug out the photos, articles and letters and we forwarded them on.

As a child I remember playing in the remaining workshop with my grandfather (Robert Fox), surrounded by all the old tools, wheel and cart pieces and old wood. I still remember that smell of the wood, sawdust and cobwebs.

Here are some photos and articles:

Workshop roof truss 3
Workshop roof truss 2
Workshop roof truss 1
Dismantling workshop roof 4
Dismantling workshop roof 3
Dismantling workshop roof 2
Dismantling workshop roof 1
Oxford Times article
Further Adventures page 1
Further Adventures page 2

Here's one of the restored planes (D-8084, which I believe was from one of the fuselages) in New Zealand: